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myTiger - Harnessing Knowledge Streams

myTiger indexes the web at news article level, providing your organization with links to the latest news articles published on the web in your area of interest.

We identify, categorize and regularly monitor thousands of sites - mainstream media, vertically specialized providers, newsgroups, research journals, company & government releases - to identify latest news on the web in over 600 categories of information across 100 countries.

Our proprietary classification system and data retrieval technologies enable us to identify relevant articles on the web that meet highly specific information needs. And the results, in the form of links to these news articles can be integrated into your website/intranet or distributed to you via e-mail.

With so much information on the web, the challenge is to efficiently find information relevant to your needs, and that your organization can recognize value from. myTiger seeks to help you in this effort. We harness knowledge from the digital flood

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